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"There may be no greater act of faith than when a driver hits the brake pedal" (Anonymous)

A Brakes System is the most critical safety device on any vehicle. They have to work every time!


Did you know that a braking system will be activated more than 1,000,000 times during the life of a typical vehicle?  If the brakes were to fail at a rate of even .001%, a driver would experience a brake failure once a year, every year in the life of a vehicle.


It is critical that brakes are designed safely and with extreme reliability. They must be designed for the coldest night, the hottest day, for the top of the mountain or the fast lane on the expressway, for the 1st stop and the 1,000,000 stop!

The engineers at Maxg Technology have designed, tested and analyzed the brake systems that have been sold on millions of vehicles over the past 30 years. We make sure the components are sized properly and exceed all Federal Safety Standards. We are able to analyze and provide Expert opinion and testimony of the performance of a brake system at the vehicle level which is what the driver will experience, and at the component level to make sure the parts worked everytime or what might have happened if they didn't.

At Maxg Technology, we take the "g" seriously! g is the engineering symbol for deceleration. Deceleration is how fast you stop!

Brake System Design



Maxg Technology has designed Brake Systems for Passenger Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Luxury, Performance and Electric Vehicles. Compliance to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Prediction of Pedal feel, Fade Analysis. Primary System Sizing attributes and component tuning settings are determined to support Component Selection. Development of Vehicle, System, and Component Validation Plans and Specification.

Local Corporate Representation



Lead creation of USA Entity, Facility formation, Business Planning, Market Entry Strategy. Localization of Supply Base. Local representation for companies without a US presence to vehicle manufacturers. Ability to represent the company in the Application Engineering, Commercial Negotiation, First Quality Response. Development of Product Introduction and adaptation to NA markets. Interface to State a local Agencies. Maxg Technology successfully established the NA Headquarters for Chassis Brakes International, a Global Leader in Brake components.

Technical Litigation Support



Experience in support of Defense and Plaintiff positions with Expert analysis and testimony in the area's of Product Liability, Accident/Injury, Consumer Protection Litigation involving Vehicle Braking, Chassis Control, Vehicle Dynamics issues. Defect Analysis, Defect Theory Development, Assessment and Rebuttal Definition of opposing technical positions. Maxg Technology has the ability to conduct our own testing of defect theories with industry accepted equipment and procedures. Experience evaluating issues of Vehicle level Performance and also the evaluation of defects alleged at the component. Maxg Technology can also support Trial with the development of visual aids and descriptions.

Technical Training/ Market Research



Maxg Technology has developed customized Training utilizing live and web based delivery systems. We specialize in detailed technical Training in the area's of Vehicle Braking and Chassis Control Systems and System Engineering Principles applied to Vehicle applications. Maxg Technology has provided custom training to many Global companies including Ford, Bosch, ITW, Hayes Brakes, AT Kearney, Chassis Brakes International and Mahindra. Maxg Technology can offer training directly or in partnership with the Society of Automotive Engineers

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