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Expert Technical Service and Representation


Maxg Technology and now MaxEV Technology provides Expert Technical Representation to Vehicle Manufacturers, System and Component Manufacturers along with Expert analysis and testimony supporting Litigation of Consumer Protection, Product Liability and Vehicle Damage claims involving Vehicle Braking, Chassis Control Systems and Vehicle Dynamics issues. Deep experience in PURE ELECTRIC VEHICLE Brake and Chassis Control System Design including the Tesla Model S




Maxg Technology has been serving Vehicle Manufacturers, Component Manufacturers and litigation teams since 1996. Maxg Technology brings more than 30 years of experience in the  Design, Development, Test, Defense and Local Representation for all aspects of Vehicle Braking and Chassis Control.




Maxg Technology provides Brake and Chassis System Design, Test, and Analysis services.  We are experienced in Litigation support with Expert Analysis & Testimony of Vehicle Braking and Chassis Controls Systems including ABS, TCS, Stability Control. We are experienced providing direct testimony or analysis and rebuttal to opposition positions


Maxg Technology has completed Projects in the area's of:

-Establishment of NA Entity and HQ for Global Automotive Chassis Supplier.

-Conventional Brake System Design

-Pure EV Brake System Design

-Corporate Representation of foreign corporations to the US Vehicle Market

-Litigation support of Product Liability

-Litigation Support of Vehicular negligence

-Customized Technical Training


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